Outdoor Sportsman Group Case Study


Outdoor Sportsman Group (OSG) is the largest media company and leading producer of television programming focusing on the outdoor lifestyle and activities. Outdoor Sportsman Group includes channels such as the Outdoor Channel and the World Fishing Network, and has significant digital inventory in both display and video.

We needed to figure a way to grow the budget by increasing the level of competition.

– Reggie Hudson, Director of Digital Ad Ops

The Challenge

Outdoor Sportsman Group was sending most of their inventory to programmatic channels but was struggling to gain revenue and maximize yield. After a multi-company merger, forming Outdoor Sportsman Group, they were looking to create a strategy for improving programmatic performance and ensure that yield would be maximized for every impression, both programmatic and direct. In order to do this, they needed a digital management platform to make it happen.

The Solution

After implementing Operative Competeā„¢ and updating the product catalog, Outdoor Sportsman Group clients were able to better understand the programmatic they were buying. Competeā„¢ provided ongoing optimization analysis and transparent reporting to help OSG maximize revenue and improve advertising strategy.


  • Integrated with 20+ (and counting) SSPs across video, mobile and desktop
  • Use our dashboards or export data use for your own use
  • Full visibility of deals by buyer agency and activity across your yield curve
  • Track deal performance based on buyer and platform
  • Header bidding: easy reporting across customer bid landscape on client or ad server

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