OPED 2017 Client Testimonials

Premium TV & Digital Media Companies

I think it allows us to segment our inventory really well. We have a couple thousand different sites so just being able to easily create different types of products with different types of targeting allows us to manage that side of inventory a lot easier.

– Sara Cox, Associate Director, Revenue Strategy & Analytics

Watch this video as clients including NBC Universal, NCC Media, FOX, Sabre, Mashable, SheKnows, & XO Group discuss how Operative helped improve their business.

At OpEd 2017, Operative spoke to clients regarding their success with different products such as OnAir, OnBoard, and Operative.One. Both digital and linear clients have benefitted from using Operative products.

With major shifts in how media is consumed and how advertising is sold, major broadcasters today need a platform that allows them to monetize audiences wherever they’re consuming content. Using OnAir, Operative’s all-in-one media management platform, has allowed Patel and the NBCUniversal team to better organize their inventory and leverage airtime while working across linear and nonlinear channels.

Without access to client’s independent ad servers, NCC was having trouble communicating with external publishers and attaining important first party data to package and sell inventory. By integrating Connect on top of Operative.One, it has allowed Garramone and his team to effectively communicate and reach more audiences with extensions to other top tier publishers in a data enabled environment.

In a large-scale attempt to expand its program offerings, Callahan recognized the need to use OnBoard, a supply side platform to unify TV, Digital, and Programmatic ad sales efforts in one system to seamlessly sell more ads to more buyers globally.

Prior to Operative.One, Scotts sales team was spending too much time selling and less time billing IOs. With Operative.One, their able to automate operations and streamline tracking and billing that saves time and increase revenue growth.

Mashable has complex advertising operations in many countries as well as a broad-reaching content distribution network. Sales and operations teams could not efficiency meet advertiser demand and delivery. That’s when Price turned to Operative.One, to streamline operations in one automated system so they can be more efficient. Sales has more visibility into available inventory, order to cash process is faster, and they’re able to maximize yield.

Without Operative.One, the company had trouble tracking from planning through delivery. The company needed a way to see available inventory, plan out what they were selling and see if it was connecting with clients – from products and prices to quality and brand safety dimensions. With Operative.One, Cox and her team understand viewability across all available media buys and can optimize for both the client and the media brands in a single platform.

Prior to Operative.One,  XO Group was struggling to maximize yield across channels. By streamlining operations, tracking and billing under one system, XO Group can efficiently manage pricing, optimize campaigns, and increase revenue.


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