What Clients are Saying About Medea

Blog   |   Operative Team   |   May 15, 2018

Retransmission fees paid by distributors are the largest source of revenue for TV station groups and networks. However, due to the overwhelming increase of data and new technology trends like OTT, affiliate revenue management processes are becoming complex.

Thanks to Operative’s Medea system, companies can simplify complexity and gain control over their retransmission fee business. Medea, the retransmission fee management solution, brings key stakeholders together to manage distribution sales, launch channels with operators, process billing and collections, and provide critical management reporting for all your network services.

The world’s leading pay-TV networks use Medea to manage and streamline their entire distribution revenue business – from sales and contract negotiation through signal management, billing, and reporting. Here are some comments from some of Medea’s long-term satisfied users:

Steve Grau, Finance Director of Content Distribution at NBCUniversal has been a Medea user for over nine years, and considers it to be “a one-stop solution – billing, collections, cash, operations – all under one roof.” He 100% recommends it to any TV network.

Ken Gladson, Regional Business Director at Meredith, also recommends Medea because of its streamlined system and ability to both change with the industry to support clients today and allow accurate planning and strategizing for the future.

Niseet Patel, Director of Affiliate Revenue at AMC Network, agrees, saying that not only does the technology provide his business with a one-stop shop, the support from the Medea team is always consistent and they provide him with new strategies to see success as the industry changes.

Together with professional support services and unrivaled expertise, Medea is the proven solution of choice for more than 400 Pay TV networks worldwide.

With an abundance of dedication, the Medea team keeps improving the product to meet changing demand. What’s in store for the future? Lots to come, including Medea distributing OTT payments to station groups – some pay the networks, who cut a check to the station groups, while others pay the station groups, who then owe a portion to the networks. Medea is flexible enough to handle both.

Would you like to learn more about Medea? We’ll be at the Media Finance Focus (MFF) conference May 21st-23rd and would love to meet with you. Contact us here for more information.