The Wait Is Over: AOS Digital Beta Is Here

Blog   |   Operative Team   |   June 7, 2021

Earlier this year, we hosted our first virtual OP/ED with over 200 customers in attendance. The event theme, “The Media Renaissance”, centered on an evolving media landscape, highlighting the need to bridge the divide between linear and digital media.  The unremitting trend of audience fragmentation has escalated the need for simplified cross-platform ad management solutions across the pitch-to-pay process.  The opportunity to transform the way media is transacted is materializing in real time. The digital winners will be those who adapt a holistic, unified approach, bringing together systems, processes, and architectures to compete. The first step to get our customers there is the launch of AOS Digital Beta, and we are thrilled to announce that Beta went LIVE on May 26th, 2021!

At Operative, our customers are the center of our universe. Our approach has been to design and build not only based on the expertise of our employees, but by listening to our customers and investing time to understand their needs. Over the last few years, we’ve been conducting client summits and co-operative feedback gathering sessions, we have hosted demos and reviewed mock-ups at OP/ED and vCAB, all with the intent to innovate and build with our customers in mind.  We appreciate the level of engagement and insights provided by our customers. The intellectual investment has culminated in AOS, a product unlike anything else in the market.  Now is your chance to get a hands-on look and feel of AOS as we’re giving clients an early chance to test drive the product.

How will AOS Digital help transform your business?

AOS will efficiently deliver a multitude of ad experiences and audiences, directly and programmatically, with flexibility and ease. 

  • More Customization: More fields and templates can be customized to make building Deals and Plans more intuitive. 
  • Faster Workflow: Allows users to spend less time moving orders/campaigns through AOS, reduces human error, and lowers risk of pushes not happening in a timely manner. 
  • Freedom of Choice: Unlimited data streaming in real time with flexibility to choose the items you want to subscribe to. 
  • Improved Communication: Offers more visibility into notes and conversations and increased flexibility with response options. 

AOS Digital Beta is LIVE… Now What?

As we continue to develop this modernized solution for improved Digital ad management technology, we are inviting customers to participate in a specially curated program where you will get the opportunity to test the software before it’s officially released to customers. 

We’ve kicked off the AOS Digital Beta Program, an initiative that spans the months of June and July. 

  • In June: 
    • Clients will participate in guided tour walk throughs and deep dives into highly anticipated topics of interest, such as Deal Creation, APIs, Data Streams, and UI/UX options. 
  • In July: 
    • We’ll be opening the software for a structured testing event where clients will receive exclusive test cases to help guide them through new functionality.
      The goal is to expose users to the software and gain confidence in the product in advance of the upgrade to AOS Digital. 

The AOS Digital Beta Program ends on July 30th with a review of feedback received from participants and a sneak peek at the MVP Program schedule. See the timeline below.

If you’d like to participate in the Beta Program, there’s still time! Please reach out to your Operative Representative and we’ll get you involved. You’ll receive full access to the webinar recordings as well as access to AOS Digital in July for testing.