The Next Generation of Order Management

Blog   |   Operative   |   July 7, 2015

In the world of digital advertising, automation increases efficiency, which leads to higher business profitability. When sales and ad operations teams can get away from using spreadsheets and manual data-entry, they can focus on more strategic tasks that contribute to business and revenue growth. But how much growth is actually possible? We now have the historical data to answer that question.

The world’s largest publishers use Operative as their Advertising Operating System to sell, deliver, and invoice across various forms of media. We pulled 5+ years of real data from Operative’s internal system across our premium client base, which includes 50 of the comScore Top 100.


We found that in the first 12 months of use, the platform increased key KPIs in sales, operations and finance for all clients.

On average, Operative One clients see:

  • 40% increase in booked revenue
  • 14% lift in CPM
  • 38% reduction in time to traffic a deal
  • 8% increase in contract fulfillment

The booked revenue increase aside, think about what it could mean for your company if your fulfillment rate increased by 8% (or more). For a publisher whose average annual advertising revenue is $100 million, that equates to an extra $8 million accrued per year as a direct result of simply implementing an OMS, without selling a single additional deal.


Our latest white paper dives into the reasoning behind this increase, the pains of today’s digital environment, and the true cost of inefficient operations. The value of a platform to manage and automate your ad business is proven and quantifiable, and we found that publishers who implement an OMS are more digitally mature and profitable than those who don’t.