A Texas Sized Goal: Premium at Scale

Blog   |   Operative Team   |   February 22, 2017

Our annual publisher event Op/Ed has officially blown up. We had 200 attendees in Austin Texas, representing 90 media companies including most of the Comscore 100, MVPDs, Broadcasters and Networks. What I always love about Op/Ed is that everyone there is so open about hard challenges and the real solutions needed to solve these problems. Even though this was our biggest year, that level of honesty and sharing was just as prevalent. We’re united this year against the duopoly of Google and Facebook, which has helped clarify our goals and encourage more cooperation between companies. Now that our own company is united under the SintecMedia brand, we spoke with deeper relevance about changes to linear TV, evolutions in digital, and profitable ways for media companies to bring these two businesses together.

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