Tech Bae’s 2020 Vision: Transformation in the New Year…in the New Decade…

Blog   |   Tech Bae Team   |   January 13, 2020

What a difference one year can make!  In January 2019, we posted a blog about our new community, Tech Baes and our second event scheduled for February.  We knew we were on to something—but we had no idea how life-changing this journey would be.

2019 was a year of discovery, experimentation, and connecting Baes in many ways.

We hosted:

  • Four marquis events
  • One pop-up at NAB
  • One podcast
  • Four content panels at Viacom, Freewheel, CBS Interactive, and Revolution ME Film festival
  • Eight amazing sponsors including: Freewheel, Imagine Communications, Operative, Outbrain, Railroad19, SAS, Viacom, and World Wide Technology.

2020, for all of us Tech Baes, will be even better!  After such an amazing response last year, we’ve gathered your feedback and have an incredible year planned.   We want to grow—to expand our network and Bae community.  Therefore, growth means it won’t exactly be the same as 2019.  What’s changing?  We’re upping our game with a new logo, a web site (finally!), and a mission statement:

Tech Bae advances equality by creating meaningful connections and developing opportunities for women across all levels within the Ad Tech & media landscape. 

We are ready to take Tech Bae to the next level with you—in so many ways.  And, we heard loud and clear that sharing stories, advice, and connecting to others for coaching, mentoring, or support has been why you call yourself a Bae.  We don’t plan on changing these opportunities to be together in NYC or at key trade events.  Like you, we crave panels with relevant topics that tap into experts and executives that feed our souls and strengthen connections for meaningful and authentic support.

In fact, our first official 2020 event will be another incredible panel:  “Intentional Beliefs: Exploring how to leverage our diverse backgrounds to make workplaces stronger.”  We will have our typical A-listers sharing insights and experiences followed by a networking event.  Be on the lookout for more information in the near future.

And, for those of you that will be attending the Media Finance Summit, hosted by Matrix Solutions, we have a fun breakfast event in sunny Miami scheduled on Friday, January 24.

IOW, Baes, we’re looking at 2020 as the next leg of the journey together.  We couldn’t be happier about what we accomplished together last year – and where we are going.

Here’s to a fantastic new year – and decade – ahead!  We cannot wait to see you at either of our upcoming events.

Brenda, Christina, Heather, Sarah & Seema

Tech Baes Co-Founders