State of Digital Publishing Webinar Review

Blog   |   Operative Team   |   June 8, 2015

On June 2 Operative hosted a webinar with panelists from Kelley Blue Book, Scripps Networks Interactive and The Weather Company.

If you missed the live webinar, the replay is well worth watching:


In the webinar we reviewed the results from Operative’s “Profitable Publisher Study” and discussed how brands are managing the complexity of today’s consumers and advertisers to optimize profit for their digital advertising business.

In the study, Operative conducted a survey of more than 100 senior digital media company leaders. The study, which focused on the operational details that can make or break a digital media company’s profitability, provided concrete insight regarding digital maturity and how it is directly related to profitability.


In developing the study, Operative completed interviews with leading digital publishers and found that there are four major attributes that all successful media companies share:

  • Differentiated content
  • An empowered multi-channel sales team
  • The ability to change and adapt quickly
  • Efficient operations and innovative technology.

For more details, you can download your copy of the study on our website.

In the webinar, with Bill Murray (Scripps Networks Interactive), Melissa LaCaille (Kelley Blue Book) and Vikram Somaya (The Weather Company) discussed how their organizations are structured and how they are using technology and staffing to optimize their ad business and improve their ROI. Each publisher is tackling issues like programmatic advertising, yield optimization and channel convergence differently and provide great examples for other publishers in the same situation.

If you would like to have us expand on any of the topics discussed or want more information on how to use Operative products to optimize and manage your ad operations business, please email us at