Selling Media in 2014: 6 Video Case Studies

Blog   |   Lorne Brown   |   October 6, 2014

At our Ad Revenue & Ops Summit this year, we asked 6 digital advertising leaders to speak about the most important changes they were making to introduce new revenue streams into their organizations. The results showed a shifting landscape of innovation with an emphasis on the relationship between the people, processes and technologies that make up digital ad sales.


Watch the speaker presentations from our ad revenue and ops summit to gain insights around unification, product packaging, billing and more.

What You’ll Learn


Unification, Innovation & Transformation: Rethinking Business Models

Curt Hecht, Chief Global Revenue Officer

Innovation breeds opportunity. In this fireside-chat-style conversation, Curt Hecht and Operative CEO Lorne Brown will discuss the bold business decision made by The Weather Company a few years ago, and identify how this undertaking transformed the company’s advertising business as a result.


Driving Enterprise Adoption

Priti Tanna, Vice President, Digital Sales Solutions

When it comes to enterprise-level infrastructure changes, internal adoption can make or break the outcome. Off the heels of NBCUniversal’s recent implementation of an ad management system across multiple verticals and business units, Priti shares how her team approached this major change and aligned stakeholders around a unified vision.


Product Taxonomy & Product Packaging

Peyton Marcus, Practice Executive, Digital Media Solutions

Buyers are more demanding and are seeking more complex ad buys, and there’s a high probability that you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t have the ability to seamlessly combine product offerings.  Peyton shares actionable tips for building a comprehensive product taxonomy and easy to use packaging framework that will enable you to drive higher value from your business.


Building The Operational Power Stack

Mark Bernstein, Vice President of Business Operations

Kelley Blue Book was looking for partnership, integration, efficiency, and scalability in order to take its ad business to the next level.  By employing Operative’s combined software and services solution set, KBB’s ad operations team have generated revenue on their own for the first time in company history.


Shortening The Billing Cycle

Nicole Cooklin, Director, Campaign Management

Of the many processes associated with running a digital ad business, billing ranks high on the list of operational woes. You’ve done the work for your clients, but it can be extremely difficult to close the books in a timely manner amidst a sea of data. Discover how has been able to significantly decrease overall biling time and improve cash flow as a result.


The Efficiency Effect: Creating Sales and Ad Ops Harmony

Suzanne Sypulski, Director of Advertising Operations

What happens when you bridge the gap between sales and ad ops? Communication and collaboration leads to efficient sales and higher revenue. Find out how Dow Jones has built cross-functional efficiencies to align its sales and ad ops teams and deliver greater business returns.