What Publishers Need To Deliver On Across Channels

Blog   |   Emily Riley   |   October 24, 2017


Even a few years ago, most publishers treated programmatic as an experimental channel that offered incremental revenue to a core direct business. Advertisers embraced programmatic in order to target audiences, and so the channel exploded. With header bidding technology, publishers are able to get better, more competitive pricing, so programmatic is here to stay. It now needs to become part of an integrated sales and delivery strategy

In order to succeed, it’s important for publishers to pick an OMS that gets the complexities of programmatic and how they can be best combined with the rest of the ad sales business. Operative.One supercharges your setup, creating transparency, connecting seamlessly with partners and bringing together programmatic and direct channels to maximize revenue.

Operative.One is at the forefront of multichannel management:

  • Diverse integrations: Operative offers a diverse set of mature integrations with the largest industry leaders in the programmatic space including ADX, SpotX, Pubmatic, Rubicon, and many more. This allows customers to create the programmatic landscape that’s best for their business, maintaining connections to trusted partners while easily testing new ones
  • Transparent Channel Management: Operative offers channel management with the power of the Compete deal engine and analytics. Publishers get insight important key performance metrics across multiple revenue sources. Publishers can compare revenue from different channels and optimize quickly
  • Integrated Direct and Programmatic:  Operative.One will integrate fully with Compete’s transactional footprint by Q1, and will offer users the ability to combine direct and indirect business channels for campaign management. By combining direct and indirect channels, publishers get better proposal building, yield management and billing reconciliation
  • Full Stack Yield Management: Operative.One and Compete give customers the power of full stack yield management in a single system and will lead the industry in helping customers drive revenue and minimize waste across revenue channels

Want to learn more about the power of Operative.One? Watch our on-demand recording, Life After DSM: How To Move Your Ad Operations Forward, that evaluates order management systems in the market and how Operative.One is the leading replacement tool for Google DoubleClick Sales Manager (DSM) and the OMS of choice for more than 400 publishers.