Playing To Broadcaster Strengths in 2018

Blog   |   Operative Team   |   January 18, 2018

Premium content, addressability and contextual reference are the driving force to deliver the scale of TV advertising, but what’s holding broadcasters back from unlocking a $7billion TV advertising revenue opportunity and fulfilling their full ad potential?

Last December, media executives from all over gathered in London to attend The Future of TV Advertising Forum. Caitlin Gelles, our VP of Strategic Development, sat on the panel, ‘Playing to Broadcast Strengths’, alongside industry leaders John Paul, Managing Director of Advanced Advertising, from Liberty Global, Alexander Bastin, VP of Play, from Modern Times Group, Stephane Coruble, Managing Director, from RTL, and Jeremy Rosenberg, Head of Advertising Partnerships TV & Digital, from BT.

It was well communicated from the panelists that the rise of global players, such as Netflix and Amazon, have changed the game and brought uncertainty in the industry. The real question people are asking is what does 2018 look like for broadcasters? And how can they overcome the pitfalls and perform best in this ever-changing marketplace?

In this video, hear what the panelists think are the key strengths and several questions worth considering for broadcasters to be successful in 2018:

  • If Netflix had ads, what would be the unique selling point for commercial broadcasters in Europe?
  • How much better can we monetize live streaming simulcasts, and how do advertisers want to use DAI-enabled broadcast inventory online?
  • Does context still matter, and are marketers giving credit for the impact of premium video, beyond reach or counted views?
  • Is Amazon channels a great new distributor to carry your channels and ads, or a data-enriched Trojan Horse?

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