Operative.One Clients Achieve 40% CPM Lift, Increase Revenue Realization to 97%

Blog   |   Lorne Brown   |   July 22, 2016

I’m pleased to announce the findings of an in-depth study of our advertising platform performance across several key metrics. After implementing the Operative.One platform, publisher clients realized an average of 20 percent CPM lift in the first 12 months and a total of 40 percent lift over the first three years with the platform. This critical front-end metric indicates that by using Operative, publishers can more effectively sell inventory at its proper market value, increasing earnings across their yield curve of various direct and programmatic products.

Media companies also significantly increased their average revenue realization from 93 to 97 percent annually using the Operative platform. Revenue realization is an important metric for publishers to track—it represents the percentage of money collected that they actually earn. This represents a 4 percent increase in topline earned revenue resulting from the creation of more streamlined and transparent reporting and billing processes for major media companies that are often handcuffed by overly complex, disparate advertising systems. Several key clients saw increases from 90 to nearly 100 percent — indicating that before Operative, these publishers were losing 1 out of every 10 dollars they delivered due to problems with discrepancies, billing and reporting.

These findings exemplify why Operative has so many loyal premium publisher partners. Digital advertising is complicated, and publishers need objective partners in place to help them maximize their earnings without taking a tax to do so.

We make technology to maximize yield and minimize complexity for media companies. As TV and other elements of media become addressable, complexity increases for sellers, operations and finance professionals. It is our goal to ensure that companies can cut through the complexity to offer advertisers the compelling, audience-based advertising they are looking for across these many channels.