Opening Up the Market For Advanced Advertising

Blog   |   Operative Team   |   April 2, 2018

Up until now, advanced advertising has been the work of pioneers and early-adopters in Europe, but as its impact is seen in revenue and profits, the whole TV industry will need to catch up.   

Last week, media executives from across the world gathered in London to attend Connected TV World Summit 2018March 20-21. Our CEO, Lorne Brown sat on the panel, ‘Minimising Complexity as Advanced Advertising Proliferates’, together with industry leaders Laurence Miall-D’aout, VP Advanced Advertising, from Liberty Global, Andrew Morley, Managing Director of Telaria and Anna Maria Vujinovic, Head of Digital Sales, Programmatic & Digital Development from RTL. 

The group discussed ways the TV market can be opened up for ‘advanced TV advertising’. It was well communicated that broadcasters need to simplify their structures and become more like the platforms they’re competing against if they want to secure future ad money. CEO Lorne Brown said ‘TV companies have it sitting in silos, I believe TV itself, therefore, has to become more of a platform…TV companies need to unify what they’re doing. Just one on its own does not have the power to unlock those dollars.” 

In this video, hear what the panelists think broadcasters should do in order to open the market up for advanced advertising and minimize the complexity of data-driven and targeted buying.  

  • Are Smart TV/HbbTV IP-into-broadcast addressable solutions a game-changer, giving channel owners more independence from Pay TV? 
  • What are the priorities if we want to reduce the complexity and cost of addressable advertising, and any standardisation needed? 
  • Is programmatic proving to be the win-win we hoped for: what impact on advertising efficiency, performance and yields? 
  • How can we better monetize live and VOD streaming using ads; Is the future of ad-supported free viewing safe online? 
  • What are the operations and workflow challenges when juggling multi-platforms and maybe multiple addressable tech ecosystems? 
  • What role for operators who lack the tech or sales resources to build an addressable product – plug STBs into third-party systems?