NBCU’s One Platform Leverages Operative’s AOS “OS” to Provide Marketers with an Omnichannel Experience

Blog   |   Operative Team   |   March 24, 2021

The Age of Open Ecosystems, Interoperability & Automation in Advertising

Openness & flexibility are essential in the design & implementation of advertising technology.  The ongoing trend of audience fragmentation has intensified the need for converged advertising, leading media companies down the path of creating omnichannel solutions for marketers. The flexibility to interoperate with a broad array of companies like data providers, third-party inventory suppliers and insertion technology partners is also needed to provide insights and scale in an automated and seamless way. Media companies and marketers are continuously expanding the partners they choose to work with to enhance performance for their customers. Manual legacy buy-sell processes have plagued the industry for decades and have become even more cumbersome as convergence, new data sources and currencies have been introduced to the ad ecosystem. Simplifying and automating transactions between buyers and sellers has also become increasingly important.

These concepts are foundational to Operative’s redesigned cloud-native Advertising Operating System, AOS, and Operative is one of the technology companies NBCUniversal has partnered with to provide the interoperability that is foundational to their One Platform technology stack. AOS, specifically it’s “OS” hub, was a natural fit for One Platform. Both companies are focused on providing an open framework to support the complex web of technology, data and inventory partners customers work with, providing the flexibility needed to support each customer’s unique advertising ecosystem, regardless of who they choose to partner with.

NBCUniversal’s One Platform is also founded on simplifying the process of buying media, which AOS’s open integrations and partnerships with agency systems are helping to facilitate. For example, NBCU was the first media partner to participate in a pilot program automating RFPs between Operative and a lead agency buying technology vendor. This was the first step in automating the entire pitch-to-pay workflow between media companies and advertising agencies.

“Our partnership with NBCUniversal on One Platform was a natural fit. Both companies share the same philosophy of having open, non-biased partnerships across the advertising ecosystem, as well as investing in simplifying the advertising process. We are both committed to making it easy for marketers to improve results of their advertising investments and have designed a technology framework to deliver just that,” said Lorne Brown, CEO Operative.

NBCUniversal’s inaugural One21 conference was held today to expose customers to the technology that powers and enables NBCUniversal’s broad portfolio of outcome-focused advertising solutions, as well as creating a dialogue with the marketing and ad agency community. In an environment where it has been increasingly more difficult for marketers to reach audiences at scale and deliver results, the event provided the necessary insights to help advertisers better understand and creatively leverage the customizable solutions NBCU has to offer. We are thrilled to partner with such forward-thinking companies who share the same core beliefs as we do.