Medea in the Music City

Blog   |   Operative Team   |   November 9, 2017

On October 17th and 18th, Nashville transformed from the Music City to the Medea City for 48 unlikely visitors looking to expand their pay TV affiliate management knowledge. Medea is an all-in-one affiliate revenue management solution, or essentially every revenue and operations team’s dream come true. By taking the never-ending nightmare of managing multiple data inputs and revenue streams between TV networks and operators and accurately centralizing and optimizing all data in one platform, Medea users have been able to stop sweating the small stuff and focus on future growth.

For the past 14 years, the Medea team has hosted clients at a two-day summit to provide an opportunity for both customers and Medea staff to come together and discuss the next big things for Medea and the TV industry. This year’s event in Nashville clearly showed that Medea is the industry’s leading solution with attendees from 20+ top media companies including FOX, NBCUniversal, AMC, HBO, Bell Media, Corus Entertainment, The Weather Channel, Tribune, and Univision. Here are the top reasons why it’s safe to say that the Medea Client Summit is the only event that makes TV affiliate revenue management hotter than Nashville’s hot chicken:


After 14 years of unifying clients and product, this summit excelled in providing a platform for open dialogue. After the morning introductions by Eric Levitan, SintecMedia COO, Americas, Andrew Levine, Director of Client Services, Bradley Reznik, VP of Support, and keynote speaker Mitch Oscar, attendees were given the remainder of the day to collaborate, strategize and reflect with peers and Medea staff. The breakout groups were segmented by department focuses including Finance, Affiliate Sales, Operations, Retrans/Stations and IT. This gave participants a unique opportunity to meet and reunite with peers from different companies with the same roles or focal points, allowing different industry leaders to connect on common concerns or plans.

From there, groups explored OTT distribution & virtual MVPDs, the SD to HD transition, new rate structures and contract management changes, Medea functionality and best practices, Medea’s new Subscriber Portal and the future Medea roadmap. Eric Levitan explained that a primary goal of the event is to foster relationships and feedback between attendees and the Medea team. Clients from NBC, FOX News, and AMC all agreed that this event is the best way for them to discuss strategies for the new year with peers that can relate to similar challenges in the industry.

Product Developments:

Exciting things are happening for Medea. While maintaining a strong client base and reliable product, the future looks even bigger and brighter. Andrew Levine presented a roadmap showing the progression of the Medea .Net Conversion across business logic, UI, and reporting in the areas of maintenance & security, signal management, affiliate & sales management, and finance. Key future market-driven enhancements will include down-conversion management, late fee calculations, and expanded client control over the Medea Workflow Solutions. While these updates are very technical, they are a direct result of user feedback and experience, with the goal of continuing to be a leading partner and affiliate revenue management system.

The event concluded with an upbeat night in Nashville at Saint Añejo restaurant and tequila bar, where everyone enjoyed food, drinks and authentic live music – Medea style.

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