Kill Complexity & Grow Revenue Series #1

Blog   |   Kelley Michanczyk   |   June 1, 2018

Complexity has long been the greatest foe of publisher revenue teams and, arguably, the digital advertising landscape. The explosion of data and new breakthroughs in processes and technologies certainly add more opportunities for publishers, but with more choice often come more problems. You likely have different ad ops specialists trafficking in different ad management platforms – DFP, video, mobile DSPs and more. You might also have multiple product orders that need to be entered into different systems – billing, ad tracking, CRM and so on. It’s an ad operations workflow nightmare. Many publishers face complexities across their end-to-end advertising business including:

  • Managing daily reports
  • Billing and reconciliation
  • Technology deficiencies like bulk upload
  • Human errors and overloaded staff

It’s time to simplify. Companies need to stop letting revenue growth opportunities pass them by because of these complexities.

We recently hosted a webinar with Admonsters called Kill Complexity and Grow Revenue. Ad Ops experts Kim Foster, Senior Director of Operations at Bustle, Sergei Bachtin, Director of Global Operations at The Economist, and Bari Cottone, Solutions Director at Operative share their challenges around complexity and how they implemented Operative’s order management system, Operative.One, to solve them.

  • Bustle uses Operative.One as the single source for everything – sales, delivery and billing- which has improved their order to cash process and drastically cut billing time
  • The Economist seamlessly migrated off Google DSM onto Operative.One to streamline the digital management process and aggregate as much data as possible for revenue reconciliation
  • In support of helping clients manage complexities, Operative continually updates Operative.One with new extensions, integrations, and modules, just like the recent announcement with MediaOcean’s buying platform Prisma

You can watch the full webinar recording here.

Be on the lookout in the coming weeks as we released a series of 3 blog posts dedicated to each speaker and their journey to how they solve ad ops complexity.