Ad Tech Bae Starts the New Year with Intention

Blog   |   Tech Bae Team   |   March 6, 2019

Ad Tech Bae Founders Brenda Salce-Garcia (Operative), Christina Barlowe (Spectrum Reach), Heather McCrea (Railroad 19), Sarah Foss (Freewheel) & Seema Patel (Viacom) start the New Year with Intention – Read their words of empowerment for women in media

Transformation. Liberation. Grit. Grace. Visionary. 

You may not see the connection—but we do.  Those are our individual “intention” words for 2019. 

You see, I’m not quite sure that we believe in resolutions. But, we do believe in intentions. Our intention continues to be to create an organization for women in Ad Tech that want a community that can provide all of those things.  A network for transformation and innovation in your career and life. Life-affirming events that provide liberation from the day-to-day rut/grind you might be in. And a community that provides much-needed grit and grace—to weather any storm.

Our second Tech Bae Networking Event held on Tuesday, February 12th was tied to an intentional theme of “Loving Thyself.”  We were blessed to hear from three amazing professionals who, like us, have chosen to put their passions into building ways for intentions to be realized.  Their intentions—helping others become happier, healthier, and whole—were the subject of three presentations that inspired us all.

Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. – Executive Coach and leading authority on women’s next level success, provided a number of quick ways for each person to be ‘in your power’ and get ‘into power!” Her presentation reminded us to:

  1. Be impeccable for your 50%.  (Sharon shorthand = use your cooling breath!)
  2. Own your Value by saying, “Thank you, it’s true!” (The most affirming exercise we’ve done for years…)
  3. Play your Big Game. (Focus on the contribution you’d like to make long-term.)

Joe Meyer & Ryann Richardson – ExecThread Founder/CEO and President, respectively. After building other startups, ExecThread is Joe’s passion project to ensure underrepresented communities gain more positions of influence and power in the work environment to drive positive change. This break-the-glass-ceiling community aligns squarely with Ryann’s experience driving diversity for large tech companies. (Think Google.) Hearing their personal stories was inspiring, transforming, and affirming: ExecThread represents the values at Tech Baes’ core!

As Sharon, Joe, and Ryann shared with us last month, we believe that our internal power can help us regain control over a multitude of external situations. Whether it’s identifying your 2019 Word (intention) or practicing how to breathe through a straw or thinking of where your career can go, Tech Bae is a community and network for exploring such efforts together. We are stronger when we support each other.

Whether or not you joined us for the event, you can still connect to our phenomenal speakers in one of these ways:

  1. Email or text Sharon for more affirming tips and to learn how she can help you get ahead! Email: Or text: (617) 233-4432
  2. Join ExecThread today by clicking this personal invite from Joe:
  3. Spread the news about Ryann’s new role by sharing and liking the announcement of her appointment!

Also a special shout-out to everyone involved who supported the event and brought it to life:

  • Our SponsorsOutbrain (who generously donated their location space), Railroad19, and Operative.
  • Our incredible Bae-tenders Chris Kole (Viacom), Matt Skirkanich (Viacom), Cristian Garcia (Team Brenda), and Mya Gonzalez (Operative), who ensured that our wine glasses were never empty!

Our intentions for Tech Baes—and each other—in 2019 continue to grow with positive expectations, energy, and opportunity.  We hope to hear directly from you at

More information will be forthcoming about NAB 2019 pop-up event and our next spring gathering in NYC. Until then, let’s get in formation, Baes! We’ve got a wonderful, intentional journey together ahead!

Brenda, Christina, Heather, Sarah & Seema