Revolutionize the Agency RFP Process with Operative Connect and our exclusive partnership with Mediaocean

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With the Operative Connect Agency Automation features, buyers and sellers will be able to transact digital deals electronically for the first time ever, streamlining the RFP negotiation process for both sides of the transaction.

The Operative.One/Prisma integration partnership will revolutionize this process, and you can sign up for our exclusive FREE pilot program here.

Together OPERATIVE and MEDIAOCEAN will make it easy for buyers and sellers to transact direct deals seamlessly


  • With the click of a button, publishers can send their RFP Media Plan responses directly into Prisma and be first in the queue for agency review
  • Agencies and Publishers can negotiate RFP responses by sending line-item updates via the software, keeping a comprehensive audit trail of the negotiation
  • Custom Fields from Prisma needed by Publishers for RFP submission are now automatically synced between Prisma and Operative.One, removing margin for error from the planning process on both sides
  • Communications in rounds of negotiation are now consolidated into a single view, ensuring that no changes get missed and reducing the number of revisions required
  • Creation of Insertion Order following the RFP process is now automatic, ensuring accuracy that will improve all downstream processing, including trafficking and billing

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