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November 15th, 4-8pm | The Core Club, NYC


Location - Gallery


Location - Theatre Room



  • Mike Leo, CEO and President, Operative, @rmikel


Debate 1 - Measurement: Is the Way We Measure Today Killing Us?
The digital advertising industry has long been plagued with ineffective systems of measurement and methods of validation. As a result, poor behaviors are going unchecked, and bad actors are gaming the system, posing under the guise of targeted audiences with high intent. For example – today’s model, last visit attribution, incentivizes the practice of cookie bombing in which advertisers scoop up plenty of below the fold ads in order to ‘prove’ the results of their campaigns. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and others are making commendable cross-collaborative efforts such as the 3MS initiative to establish better standards and methodologies, but will they really get adopted? Are we doing enough as an industry to deter the rise of bad actors and incentivize good ones?

Location - Theatre Room


  • Julian Zilberbrand, SVP Global Digital Director, Technology Activation Group Services, Starcom Mediavest Group, @jzilberbrand
  • Daniel Jaye, CEO & Founder, Korrelate
  • Jeff Hackett, EVP, comScore, @jefhack
  • Mike Leo, CEO and President, Operative, @rmikel



5 Minute Break
Location – Gallery


Debate 2 - Convergence: When Linear and Digital Collide, Who Will Be Left Standing?
After years of discussion, linear’s convergence with online is finally becoming a reality, driving massive disruption across media’s entire advertising ecosystem. Fundamental shifts in how media is bought, sales organizations are structured, value is measured, and how business ownership plays out is happening as we speak. As the lines continue to blur, can there be a peaceful co-existence between offline and online? Who will shake out as the winners and losers?

Location – Theatre Room


  • Kevin Arrix, Chief Revenue Officer, Viggle, @kmarrix
  • JT Batson, Chief Strategy Officer, Mediaocean, @jtbatson
  • Keith Kryszczun, Senior Vice President, Sales, Black Arrow, @BlackArrow_TV


  • Jason Witt, SVP, Operative


10 Minute Break
Location – Gallery


Debate 3 - Programmatic Buying: Are Machines a Worthy Threat to Man?
With all the hype surrounding exchanges, networks, and RTB, believe it or not, direct sales still make up 82% percent of digital ad revenue. However, new technology is causing many publishers to at least consider moving to a machine centric approach. Are sales people worth keeping around?

Location – Theatre Room


  • Vikram Somaya, VP, Global Operations & Audience, Reuters, @vikramsomaya
  • Jim Spanfeller, CEO, The Spanfeller Media Group @JimSpanfeller
  • Jason Kelly, CEO, Sociomantic, @jlkelly
  • Jeremy Hlavacek, VP, Strategy and Business Operations, Varick Media Management, @jhlava


  • Mike Leo, CEO and President, Operative, @rmikel


Networking Cocktails
Join the debate speakers, moderators, and your colleagues to catch up on the night's lively discussions and network. Tasty cocktails and hors d'oevres will be served!

Location – 2nd Floor Bar

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