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November 15th, 4-8pm | The Core Club, NYC

Attendees Include

Attendees Include

It's time to shake things up. On November 15th in the heart of NYC, digital media's most influential thought leaders will assemble to duke it out over the ad industry's most pressing business issues, in front of premium agencies and publishers.

Every day, brilliant new ideas revolutionize the way we reach consumers and transact with each other, but we're just getting started. Unfortunately, many great ideas end up being overshadowed by BS smoke and mirrors. In the end, our whole ecosystem suffers—advertisers waste dollars on ads that were never seen, publishers get nickel and dimed, and the end consumer loses out on ad creativity.

Don’t you cringe when you know someone on stage is keeping thoughts to themselves because of the mix of people in the room? In The Great Debate, the gloves come off. You deserve to hear how the industry really feels.

No malarkey.

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