Operative.One Digital

Overcome operational complexity and get control over your digital advertising business.

Market leadership in digital media will not survive without sound business practices. Unfortunately, a downstream side effect of accelerated innovation in our space is a fragmented value chain, marked by disjointed systems, inefficient practices and decentralized data. Media companies that are unable to overcome these operational complexities will continue to leak new revenue opportunities, struggle to scale, and lack vital business transparency.

Operative.One Digital is the only Advertising Business Management solution that reduces operational complexity by streamlining buy and sell-side processes and systems across the entire value chain into one, unified platform. Key benefits include:

  1. End-to-end business transparency
  2. Maximum operational efficiency
  3. Flexibility to innovate ad products, quickly capturing new sales opportunities

To learn more about Operative.One Digital’s capabilities, see below.

Flexibly Create and Package Ad Products

Create products that align with the way advertisers and agencies want to buy, justifying premiums and increasing the value of your sellable inventory. Our powerful Ad Master Model enables organizations to target products to specific sets of audiences and content, combine individual ad units into packages, and align naming conventions with client insertion orders and/or ad server systems.

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Manage Proposals

Reduce the time it takes for salespeople to respond to request for proposals (RFPs) by 60 percent, freeing their time to prospect and manage greater RFP volumes. Robust product search capabilities, inventory availability at your fingertips, and automatic synch with your CRM system reduce time spent on excessive inter-department communications and manual entry in multiple systems.

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Customize Sales Approval Workflows

Streamline your approval process by leveraging pre-defined, best-practice-based workflow rules, or establishing a custom set of rules. With auditable processes in place, increase transparency and reduce bottlenecks.

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Manage Inventory

Maximize sell-through and minimize under-delivery with Operative.One Inventory Manager. View booked impressions, available impressions, and campaigns that are contending against highly sought after inventory. You can also monitor availability across multiple targets for complete visibility into sellable inventory.

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Execute Campaigns

Reduce campaign execution costs by 30 percent through a combination of process optimization and technology automation. Set rules that automatically assign campaigns – whether to your Ad Operations team or ours — and leverage our platform’s robust push-to-ad server capabilities to significantly reduce double entry.

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Optimize & Manage Campaigns

Access reliable, accurate delivery reporting so that your team (or ours) can quickly identify and minimize over or under-delivering campaigns.  In addition, Operative.One Campaign360 automatically reconciles primary and third-party delivery data, enabling more proactive campaign management.  Operative.One campaign management tools have proven to cut revenue losses by 50 percent.

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Billing Preparation

Close a billing cycle at half the cost and collect 100% of revenue in less time. We provide everything you need to prepare invoices—automated calculations on how much to invoice, exportable back up delivery reports, and revenue recognition summaries.

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Standard reports provide executives across the organization with the intelligence they need to understand the health of their business and inform challenging business decisions. Additionally, you can build custom reports unique to your company’s needs.

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