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Operative Launches First Advertising Business Management Solution for Media Industry Leaders

Operative.One joins demand and supply sides of the advertising ecosystem

New York, NY- October 5, 2010 – Operative, the advertising business management company, today announced the general availability of Operative.One.  The first advertising business management solution to join the demand and supply sides of the advertising ecosystem, Operative.One provides freedom from the complexities of the digital value chain by integrating all processes and systems necessary to package, sell, traffic, manage, optimize and bill ads. With Operative.One, media companies and their partners enjoy end-to-end business transparency, resulting in a boost in operational efficiencies and reduction in transaction costs.

End-to-End Solution

Operative.One is an entirely new platform and major upgrade over the company’s flagship product, Operative Dashboard. It serves publishers, networks and agencies with unique functionality to address specific business needs for every aspect of the digital media lifecycle:

* Reduced RFP response time
* Increased yield by maximizing sell-through and minimizing under-delivery
* Delivery of error-free campaigns on time
* Reduced time to close billing cycle from weeks to days
* Collecting 100% of contracted revenue by eliminating discrepancies

A powerful ad master model provides a flexible foundation that ensures an ad unit touches all relevant demand and supply processes.  Integration is supported not only with internal business systems, such as CRM, financial systems and ad servers, but also dynamic external platforms – including networks, data providers and exchanges – relied upon for an accurate account of sellable inventory.

This release of Operative.One has a particular focus on maximizing yield with robust features for greater flexibility and control over the dynamic nature of digital product and inventory management. Uniquely, Operative.One supports selling audiences and complex targeting-based products, including the management of inventory associated with multi-dimensional products. Inventory management capabilities provide sellers with a deep and comprehensive view of capacity, availability and contenders for multi-target products at the point of sale. The solution also addresses the overlapping nature of multi-target inventory, automatically distributing campaigns across the most appropriate targets.

Cars.com, the leading destination for online car shoppers, will be upgrading from Operative Dashboard to Operative.One. “Maximizing yield is critical to our advertising business operations at Cars.com. After using Operative Dashboard for the past three years to streamline processes and increase visibility, we are excited about the added flexibility, efficiency and transparency that Operative.One promises,” said Michael Kraut, Vice President of National Sales, Cars.com. “We expect that robust new functionality and continued superior service will significantly impact our ability to most effectively build, sell and manage inventory, as well as execute on our key performance indicators.”

Open, Future-Proof Platform

A recent survey by DM2PRO.com revealed that greater than half of all campaigns for the top 10 percent of publishers are cross-platform (include mobile, video, display components in a single order), and 60 percent of publishers plan to sell cross-platform campaigns in the next 6-12 months. As advertiser demand for brand-driven solutions grows, the convergence of mobile, video, print and broadcast advertising will introduce new complexities to the advertising ecosystem.  As an open platform supporting a diverse set of established and emerging partners, Operative.One offers interfaces for extensibility that ease the creation of custom applications and integration of data.  The platform is architected to flexibly support cross-platform advertising and all display, mobile and video needs today, as well as accommodate future demands for cross-media packaging.

“When we created Operative Dashboard five years ago to unify data, orders and workflow in one system, it was a time when the digital advertising ecosystem was far less complex,” said Mike Leo, President and CEO, Operative.  “Since then, technology innovation and business processes involving multiple parties have created an increasingly fragmented value chain, and this will only continue. Operative.One brings it all together for greater transparency and efficiency so that today’s and tomorrow’s media leaders can focus less on business infrastructure and more on innovating their products and building client relationships.”

About Operative
Established in 2000, Operative (http://www.operative.com) is the advertising business management company that gives media industry leaders and their partners the freedom to move fast and forward with solutions that eliminate complexities within the advertising ecosystem.  Through the alignment of people, process and technology, Operative.One brings together the business processes and systems necessary to package, sell, traffic, manage, optimize and collect revenue on advertising products. More than 175 industry leaders rely on Operative, including The Wall Street Journal, MSN, Smart Money, NBC Universal and National Public Media. Operative is headquartered in New York City.