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Draw a straight line between what you sell and what you deliver

Simplify How You Sell Digital Media

A typical digital ad sale involves 42 steps that touch every corner of your organization. What would happen if you cut that in half? Well, you’d collect more revenue with less overhead.

Every step a publisher takes between sale and execution requires specific data. The planner needs to know what inventory is available. The trafficker needs to know exactly what was sold, and where it needs to go. And finance, at the end of the day, needs to know how a campaign performed so that they can bill accurately.

Lets Break it Down

Operative aligns data-transfer along every step between sale and delivery. That means the data you need – and only the data you need – gets pushed where it needs to go, without double entry or manual rekeying. Every process that can be automated is automated, resulting in increased sales, more accurate execution, and on-point billing, Our clients reclaim their CPMs by eliminating wasted strokes between sale and delivery.




Media Sales

Know what you have. And what you can sell.

Verticalized selling is outdated. To achieve growth, your sellers need access to all of your media types across all of your properties to build the most profitable proposals for a given buyer.

But there’ s a big obstacle. Most publishers deal with disorganized inventory, and it’s hard to sell what you can’t find. Or worse, they can’t manage rogue sellers who cut deals on products that don’t actually exist. We organize your inventory around your processes. Our implementation teams work with you to design a toolkit for your sellers that helps them understand, access, and combine your inventory within pre-defined limitations that protect your inventory value, and help you increase your addressable market.

Stop letting your inventory be cherry-picked. By combining premium and non-premium impressions, you can increase the value of your inventory as a whole. Operative’s platform allows you to create a universal product catalog, bundling products from your company’s comprehensive product taxonomy, which defines rules for each type of ad product you sell. Selling from a product catalog increases the yield of not only your impressions, but your sellers as well.

That’s why our clients achieve CPM growth 14x the industry average.
  • Manage inventory contention between sales channels with reservation workflows
  • Empower sales planners to easily package and bundle products
  • Sell digital and offline media through one platform
  • Protect revenue with sophisticated rate card approval rules

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Billing & Reporting

Get Clean Data for Faster Invoicing

Your invoicing process shouldn’t be a guessing game. But the systems publishers use to record sales aren’t the same ones that measure delivery, leading to inaccuracy and manual data entry. We track your entire campaign from sale to delivery. Pull a report at any time, and invoice accurately in a matter of hours, not weeks.

You no longer need to fear the audit. Operative ensures that your books are clean, and that your numbers add up. Pull a report whenever you need to show your board. Our reporting system gives you real-time visibility into your business any time of the month, giving you the security of full audit compliance.

You can pull real-time deliver reports from primary and 3rd party ad servers, and instantly compare to the IO to see how you performed, and how you should bill.

Reduce your billing time by over 50 percent.
  • Reconcile contracts to delivery data for accurate and auditable billing records
  • Pre-defined billing and revenue recognition rules that automatically calculate complex invoices
  • Custom data feeds enable invoices to be generated from any financial system
  • Manage royalty payments on rights-managed media
  • Support multiple billing methods (3rd party delivery data, contract value, flat vs. CPM, 1st party delivery data)

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Business Intelligence

See Big Patterns, Make Big Changes

The executive view of media sales is harder to come by than ever before. Multiple sales channels, tech platforms, and media types means that media companies are running multiple businesses out of the same shop.

Operative brings all of the threads of your media operations together, offering one source of truth across the board. Our platform gives you visibility into the performance of each sales channel, allowing you to identify the value of your inventory down to the server/DMP level.

With that knowledge, media companies can allocate inventory to the sales channels that perform the best, and meld remnant inventory into existing deals to increase yield. With the right data, media sales doesn’t have to be a guessing game.

Get daily reports on campaign performance, and adjust your sales strategy to increase profit.
  • Understand the value of your individual sales channels and media types
  • Get an accurate revenue forecast, prior to month closed
  • Evaluate sales trends by product, sales channel and advertiser
  • Make informed decisions to improve campaign performance on the fly

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Get More Out of What You’ve Got

The landscape of advertising technology is growing exponentially. To keep up with the latest targeting platforms, media companies spend millions on integration with an ever-changing cast of tech platforms.

The industry’s top players have already integrated with Operative, and newcomers are lining up to join. When you plug into Operative, you gain access to the industry’s most current tech stack.

Our partners include Yieldex, Salesforce, Ad-Juster, SAP, and many more. You can use your existing CRMs, production systems, and ad servers more efficiently with Operative at the center. And when new players come along, you can integrate directly through our platform.

Building custom integrations for existing and emerging platforms is an unnecessary expense. Don’t spend time and money creating a solution to a problem that’s already been solved.

 Upgrade your existing stack, and build a foundation for systems growth at the core of your business.
  • Integrate your existing tech stack, including proprietary systems
  • Map best practice workflows between OMS, CRM, and ad servers
  • Plug and 1st or 3rd party ad server into our system

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Easily plug new and existing technology into your tech stack through Operative.

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Ad Ops

Draw a Straight Line Between Sale and Delivery

If your ad server data is disconnected from sales planning and billing data, ad operations is like a leaky bucket.  Contracted revenue slips through the cracks due to inefficient processes and human error.

That’s because operations employees generally have insufficient tools at their disposal, requiring them to spend precious time manually rekeying data, making it nearly impossible to enter an order and traffic it without making a mistake.

Operative automates data entry, giving ad ops strategic control of their workflow. The product catalog shows inventory availability to sellers, making sure that ad ops is only responsible for inventory that is actually available.

Our system eliminates inaccuracies due to manual data entry, and ensures a consistent set of business data from sale to delivery.

We cut the time spent on data entry by 28%, and reduce the rate of human error to .01 percent. That means the revenue you book is the same as the revenue you collect.
  • Automate all push-to-ad-server trafficking functionality
  • Monitor campaign delivery to manage seasonal spikes
  • Operationalize high-volume inventory and changing media types
  • Ad ops ticketing system manages assignment of new IOs and campaign modifications

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